A collaborative development initiative to strengthen Midwifery Education in Somalia


  • Xabiibo Muxamuud Galkayo University, Galmudug state
  • Fadumo Mohamed Galkayo University, Galmudug state
  • Abdirisak Khalif Adan Galkayo University, Galmudug state
  • Abdikadir Saleiman Tukale Galkayo University Hospital, Galmudug state
  • Nina Viberg Center of Excellence for Sustainable Health, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet
  • Hassan Nor Benadir University
  • Rage Adem Benadir University
  • Kerstin Erlandsson Dalarna University
  • Helena Lindgren Women's and Children's Health, Karolinska Institutet




Mentorship program, Context specific, Somalia


Galkayo University, in an ongoing partnership with Benadir University and the Karolinska Institutet, reports on the co-creation of a mentorship program for midwifery educators at Galkayo University. This program was initiated in Spring 2023 with the aim of sharing experiences on midwifery education between educators from Sweden and Somalia—both countries with long traditions of midwifery care. By leveraging the expertise of Swedish and Somali midwifery educators, the mentorship program seeks to bridge gaps in knowledge and skills, ultimately contributing to better midwifery education and care in both Somalia and Sweden. This commentary describes the significance of the program and its potential for impact if scaled up after contextualization.

Author Biographies

Abdirisak Khalif Adan, Galkayo University, Galmudug state

Vice-president of Academic Affairs

Abdikadir Saleiman Tukale, Galkayo University Hospital, Galmudug state

Clinical Coordinator

Hassan Nor, Benadir University

Dean, Faculty of Health Science

Rage Adem, Benadir University

Director of Innovation Center