Journal Governance

Editorial Board

The EB will include national representatives of each of the participating Somali universities. They have a final say in formal decisions regarding the development of the journal. They make policy decisions and approve the journal’s set regulations necessary for the sustainability of the journal, while using their professional influence to raise the profile of the journal and promote its evidence-based policies and practices. They may also offer their technical expertise as mentors to young researchers from their respective universities and guide them on their outputs for subsequent publication.

Mohamed Abdikarim Nur (Chair)

Somali National University

Soheir Hassan Ahmed  (Vice Chair)

University of Hargeisa

Jamila Ahmed Aden

East Africa University

Yusuf Abdi Hareed Amoud University

Qasim Moalim Hassan

Galkayo University

Shukri Ali Shiddo

Benadir University

Mohamed Abdullahi

Puntland University of Science and Technology

Abdifatah Diriye Ahmed

The Somali National Institute of Health



International Advisors

The International advisors will act as ambassadors for the journal and assist the editorial team by advancing the submission of articles and safeguarding the journal’s reputation. They could be assigned to review articles in the areas of their research interests and bridge any potential gap in the peer-review process. The International Advisors will provide information and suggestions for the journal’s future contents and operational direction and participate in consultation meetings where ideas for structuring the journal scope and direction are being discussed. They also help in identifying topics of interest and potential article ideas and provide a network of potential contributors/authors. 

The international Advisors are experts in a wide range of areas within global & public health and health systems research.

Mohamed Abdi Jama, Paediatrics; Abdinasir Abubakar, Emergency public health response; Yakoub Aden Abdi, Psychiatry; Muhammad Afzal,  Biomedical & health systems research;  Beth Maina Ahlberg,  Sociology; Abdirisak Ahmed Dalmar,  Clinical Ophthalmology; Eleni Aklillu,  Pharmacology; Yemane Berhane,  Maternal & child health; Anders Björkman,  Infectious diseases; Kerstin Erlandsson,  Midwifery; Birgitta Essén,  Women´s health; Edward Fottrell,  Epidemiology; Abdul Ghaffar,  Health systems; Ulf Högberg,  Women´s health; Anneli Ivarsson,  Paediatrics; Hinda  Jama Ahmed,  Health policy; Mohamed  Jelle,  Migration; Angelina  Kakooza,  Child health; Marie  Klingberg-Allvin,  Midwifery; Ingela  Krantz,  Infectious diseases; Helena  Lindgren,  Women´s health; Mamunur Rahman Malik, Infectious diseases; Lulu Muhe, Pediatrics; Ghulam  Nabi Kazi,  Public policy & health; Maria  Nilsson,  Climate & health; Fredrik  Norström,  Biostatistics & Health economics; Celestino  Obua,  Clinical pharmacology; David Ofori Adjei,  Medical information; Olayinka Ogunleye,  Internal medicine; Maye Omar,  Health Systems & Capacity Development; Lars-Åke Persson,  Child health; Max Petzold,  Biostatistics; Andrew Seal,  Demography; Amina L.R. Sekaly,  Analytical Chemist & One health; Robert Snow,  Epidemiology; Jennifer Stewart Williams,  Epidemiology; Katarina Wide,  Child health & neurology; Per-Olof Östergren,  Public Health & Health Policy;