”Från pappas lydige Henric”: Pedagogiska perspektiv på det tidiga 1800-talets bildningsresande

  • Juvas Marianne Liljas Dalarna University, Sweden
Keywords: education travel, travel letters, paper factory, immanent pedagogy, hermeneutics


“From daddy’s obedient Henric”: Pedagogical perspectives on educational travel of the early 1800s. This article analyses educational travel in the early 1800s from the perspective of its educational heritage and praxis. The aim is to develop an understanding of the pedagogical significance of educational travel. The article makes clear how upbringing and education are represented in the framework of travel narratives in pre-industrial landscapes. The argument is based on the influence of the mercantile class on educational travel and the informal effect of these trips on changes in pedagogical thinking. The travel letters of Johan Henrik Munktell from 1828 to 1830 are used as primary sources. Using Paul Ricoeur’s memory-critical hermeneutics, travel narratives become significant sources for how education is arranged, and immanent pedagogy is a key term. The results demonstrate that the individualisation process works together with forms of crypto-learning, the core of the personal development vision, and society’s long-term memory.

Author Biography

Juvas Marianne Liljas, Dalarna University, Sweden

Associate Professor of Music Education